With our Chase the Ace you do not have to be there to win.  We wait 15 mins after the ticket number has been announced to see if the winner is present, or shows up, before doing the draw.  In their absence we just delegate someone from the crowd to draw on their behalf.

Tonight, with minutes to spare a woman came rushing in to the Lions Club out of breath exclaiming she had the winning ticket. Turns out she lives about half a kilometer from the Lions Club and had run the whole way !!!  In her words; “this is so exciting, I have never won anything in my life!”

Donna Manuel won our consolation prize of $167 and a chance at our $5,000 jackpot.  Unfortunately, she did not pick the Ace of Spades but she was ecstatic about the win nonetheless.

Congratulations Donna !

Oct. 29th – Donna Manuel Is Our Winner (Ace of Spades NOT DRAWN)