The holder of tonight’s winning ticket #91939 (pink) was not present for the draw; they won $146 and a chance at the $5,000 jackpot.  In their absence a delegate was selected to choose a card on their behalf.  The King of Diamonds was selected.  There are now 51 cards remaining in the deck.

All tickets sold the week of Sept. 4th to 10th are no longer valid.  The draw is reset for the this coming Sunday (the 17th) and the jackpot remains at $5,000.

Get your tickets at the Five Bridges Pub (Wed & Fri 5:30pm – 7:30pm) or at the Riverview Lions Club (Sun 6pm – 8pm).

Keep up the great support for this worthy cause; the rebuild of the Frank L. Bowser All World Super Play Park !!!

Ace of Spades Not Drawn …
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